A Few Geogebra Spreadsheet-Related Questions

richard2614 shared this question 2 years ago

I'm relatively new to Geogebra. Here are a few questions I have.

1) Let's say I place into cell A1 of a Geogebra spreadsheet the function "random()," which returns a random value between 0 and 1, such as 0.234. I wish to copy this formula to the 99 cells below (that is, cells A2:A100). Whenever I attempt to do this, what results is the random VALUE in cell A1 being copied, not the formula itself. Thus if random() had returned 0.234, I would get the value 0.234 copied to each of the next 99 cells below. How does one copy the formula in cell A1 to the 99 cells below it, not the VALUE in cell A1? (It seems if I copy only one cell at a time to one other cell, I do get the formula copied. But when I copy one cell to 99 cells, I get the value.)

2) I cannot find the Excel "trunc" command to truncate a value to its next lowest integer (e.g., 3.2 should truncate to 3; 3.9 should truncate to 3 also). I've come up with a workaround using the round function:

If(round(F15) ≤ F15, round(F15), round(F15) - 1)

but I was wondering if there was an actual equivalent to "trunc" available.

3) Where can I find a complete list of all worksheet functions specifically available to Geogebra spreadsheets?

Thank you.

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I stumbled on a solution to my question #1. If I copy the first cell (A1 in my previous example) by using Ctrl-C, I get the problem I already noted: that only the value is copied. However, if I right-click on the first cell and then choose "copy" from the context menu, I am able to paste the formula to the 99 cells below. So apparently Ctrl-C behaves differently from right-clicking and choosing "copy."

I'm still interested in answers to my two other questions.



Thank you, but what you sent me was a link to a Google search. Yes, I'm well-aware of first searching on Google before asking a forum question. I had already done that. The search results I got were not what I was looking for.

I perhaps should have been clearer. Do you have a list anywhere of all the functions that are available within a Geogebra spreadsheet? These would be called worksheet functions in Excel and Google Sheets. The list that comes to the top of the Google search that you provided is not a full list. In fact, I see only these few commands listed: Cell, CellRange, Column, FillCells, FillColumn, FillRow, and Row.

I have found by trial and error that many Excel worksheet functions work within Geogebra, such as the "round" function, but I don't readily see that in a list anywhere. So as an an example, which list, if any, contains the "round" function for spreadsheets? That is probably the list I am trying to find.


1) mark the cell (A1). Bottom-Right has a small black square. DragAndDrop this small square down.

2) Maybe Excel trunc is in GGB the function floor() for go to lower integer or ceil() for go to higher integer.

3) Yes there exist a list with (only) spreadsheet specific commands. But all others commands there works in the algebra-view works also in the spreadsheet because a cell is the same as each other object except the name has others rules. Each non empty cell in spreadsheet exist also in the algebra-view (but not reverse).


In other words, the table is just a different representation of those objects from the Algebra View whose names match the rules of the spreadsheet.

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