64 bit version of Geogebra Classic 5 on Windows 10 available?

gubu shared this question 2 years ago

I would like to use more then 10 GB of RAM in Geogebra. Is this possible with the portable version of Geogebra Classic 5 under Windows 10? The available portable version seems to have 32 bit Java only. Is there a separate Download?

Here my system information:

[pre]GeoGebra Classic 5.0.592.0-d (30 June 2020)Java: 1.8.0_161

Codebase: file:/C:/Users/burgs-gu/AppData/Roaming/GeoGebra%205.0/jars/current/

OS: Windows 10

Architecture: x86 / x86

Heap: 247MB

CAS: CAS Initialisierung

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You can try this test version, but the 3D View doesn't work fully https://test.geogebra.org/~...

See here for how to increase the memory https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...


Thank you very much for this test version.

As a whole it works much better than any previous version and not only can I use around 12 GB of my RAM but also memory seems to be used more efficiently.

A small part of my simulation is in 3D View. Is the 3D View likely to work anytime in the next months?

I experience some behaviour you are probably aware of, like:

- sometimes closing a .ggb and opening another one does not work. However I cannot reliably reproduce this bug.

- When I set the option java -Xmx20480m I would have expected that every necessary memory which goes beyond my 16 GB of RAM is used as virtual memory on the hard disk (pagefile.sys). However, I only see my simulation hanging.


Sorry, I can't give a timeline - it may never happen...



Before optimizing my last years simulation. Did you by any chance improve the 64 bit version linked above (even more optimized for memory usage, including 3D view)?

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