3d graphs are not shown

VK shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

When i try to get the graph of function it gives me 2d graph instead of 3d. So it would be helpful if u solve this problem

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3D graphing work fine, so what's the function you wanted to graph and what was te result? Please send the file.



Have you opened the 3D window and set it active by clicking on it, before entering the equation?

x=0 in 2D is a line, in 3D it is a plane. So, to avoid ambiguous cases, ggb plots the entered equations in the current active graphics window, if possible. If not (so when your equation has a graphical meaning only in 3D) you need to open the 3D View in order to see it.

As Chris said, posting your file and telling us which version of ggb you are using and your OS helps us to give you a better answer.

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