3D Grafik - Farbe einstellen (Brille ist nicht exakt rot/blau)

max101 shared this question 2 years ago


wir bekamen vom Lehrer rot/blau Brillen für die 3D Ansicht (super).

Leider hat die Brille (oder der Monitor) nicht exakt rot und blau und damit sieht es nicht gut aus.

Kann man die Farbe einstellen??

Vielen Dank

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I’m not sure about your question because the automatic translation doesn’t help much.

My suggestion is to check the Glasses settings in the Settings panel of 3D View, that is available in the Projection tab.

Toggle the options Gray scale and Omit Green Channel while wearing your glasses, to find out the setting that works fine with them.


Also make sure you have red-cyan glasses, not red-blue

Also you can try adjusting your monitor settings


Thanks for your help.

I tried the hint from Simona but I couldn't find the Projection tab. (I use the browser version) I was able to change the eye distance but there was no colour change setting.

I think I have the right glasses. The problem is the red glass. My motivation is to find a solution for my school class, that's why a modification of the monitors wouldn't be the solution.

For your information I add some pictures of the glasses we all got.

I am grateful for suggestions. In ideal case we could set colours for the left and right eye. In my case the red channel is to dark.

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