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Florian Sonner shared this question 13 years ago
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Hi all :)

The latest pre-release version (3.1.254) allows you to view a small preview image of any .ggb file you're selecting in the "File -> Open.." or "File -> Save As.." dialog. This way you can always see what's within a .ggb file without having to load it. ;)

This does not work with all .ggb files though as the technical requisites for this were added in some early pre-release version. Because of that you have to re-save your old .ggb files with a pre-release version in order to use this functionality (you can of course leave them as they are without any problems!).

There is a similar feature while inserting images into your .ggb document with the Image tool. There is also a small restriction here: Due to performance reasons this feature just works for images below a certain file size —for bigger images it would take too long to generate a preview. :)

I hope this is of some use to you!


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