2 points on line 1, with a fixed distance to line 2

Dan Strand shared this question 5 years ago

Hi everyone.

I'm still new to GeoGebra and this time i'm trying to place 2 points on a line, with a certain distance to another line.

I have 2 lines, l and m, which intersect eachother. On line l, i want to create 2 points, each which have the exact distance of 5 to line m. That means one point on each side of the intersection of course. Hope this makes sense to you?

I've tried searching/googling my way for help on this, but I'm stuck. Don't know how to approach this really in geogebra..

So I was hoping for some expert help from you guys (again..) Thanks

See the attached file for the lines, nothing else has been added..

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- Define two random points on m

- construct in each of them a circle with radius 5

- construct the tangents to both circles

- the points you are searching for are the intersections of thes tangents with l.



Wow. Thanks, exactly what i needed :)

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