[TRAC-4847] can't open file saved with web app

orak shared this problem 5 years ago


because of many crashes and flickering in 3dimensional graphics, I tried to create a construction on the web app.

After I stored it I updated my Linux-Geogebra to the latest version GeoGebra (28 February 2015)

and I thought I could try it again ...

I can open the file from the web app, but not in the linux version.

You find the file under https://app.geogebra.org/ap...

UUps, after leaving the browser and trying to reload it, I have no success.

So I have done this example 4 times and can't load it again.

Puuh - As nice as geogebra 5 is - it's seems to me far away for a use on Linux with the 3d features.

Can anybody load the file?

Just a bug?



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Thanks for the report, we'll have a look:


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