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Is there a simple, direct way to get the caption on an object? Ideally, something like


A search of online help and forums reveals no such function.

To be precise, what is needed is a simple command that returns the raw caption text, the same text as if setting it in the Object properties (Basic tab) from the Geogebra GUI. I specifically mention the raw text value, because caption text can have placeholders (e.g. %n) and embedded LaTex (e.g. $ x^{2} $). I am not searching for a function that returns the formatted text. (Besides, a formatted caption--especially with embedded LaTex--would necessarily generate some type of image, of which I am not interested.)

(Note: A search of these forums reveals one answer in French which includes a custom xml-editing Java script that can do this, but I'm not interested in maintaining and debugging such a script... especially one that manually parses the XML with regular expressions.)

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I don't think so...

But you can see all definitions in AlgebraView

Options > Algebra descriptions > Definition

or F3 > Copy definition in input bar

Perhaps that helps...


I have the same question. I'd like to use GGB script to make the caption of a button change back and forth between "A" and "B" every time it is clicked. The OnClick script for the button would simply be

  1. If[GetCaption[btn] == "A", SetCaption[btn, "B"], SetCaption[btn, "A"]

but, alas, there is no GetCaption command.


The problem of Marc can be solved without a command GetCaption. You can use an auxilliary variable toggling between e.g. 0 and 1. Then you can define the caption of a button, depending of the value of that variable.

This brings me back to the original question. You define the caption of a button. So haven't you got it then?

In the case of the added file something as textcaption=If[ var==0, "A", "B"]

Can you give an example in which case the caption is unknown?



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