[fixed] "Open in GeoGebra Web App" Links Not Working

harrytomalley shared this question 7 years ago

When viewing the options for a file that has been uploaded to GeoGebratube, one of the newer ones is "Open in GeoGebra Web App". It is a link under the "Share" tab. It is a wonderful feature. What it does is allow one click access to fully editable GeoGebra files that have been uploaded. For the past month, the links worked perfectly . Starting about 5 days ago, the links no longer work. They open up blank GeoGebra files instead of the intended files.

Here's a link to the options menu for a GeoGebraTube file. To see the problem, click the "Share" tab, then click the link corresponding to the "Open in GeoGebra Web App". The link will open the blank file instead of the file corresponding to the uploaded GeoGebraTube file.

Again, this is not unique to this file. It happens on all of them.

Does anyone know why this is happening or what can be done to remedy the problem?



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Thanks, should be fixed now.


It is! Thanks.

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