¿Cómo compartir un libro con otro usuario?

Javier Cayetano Rodríguez shared this question 4 years ago

Hasta la última actualización de la web, se podía compartir libros con otros usuarios usando "configuración de acceso". Ahora, esta opción sólo la encuentro para las actividades, pero no para los libros (adjunto imagen).

¿Alguien podría indicarme dónde encontrar esta opción para los libros geogebra?


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I think that right now the only option you have is to modify the book.

Select Edit Book, then the Title page.

Scroll down and select the option "Shared with link"


How are you obtaining the picture you shared in your post?

I don't recall viewing such a menu in the materials site.


Thank you for your answer.

The option used to be available both on the user materials main page and from the edit menu.

But since the last interface change, it is only available from the edit menu for constructions, but not for books.

I am attaching some images on how I get to those options.

[*] I use the share option to allow more people to modify the applet/book.


Ok. It is possible to do it clicking on "details" of the book, and then in "access configuration" (see attached image)7fd889f2d12f8bf616773a7840ad913d

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