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Vista 3D geogebra 5 Non funziona (ubuntu)

Answered emilyes Italian Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by Simona R.
3 votes

Installare Geogebra 6 su Ubuntu 16.4

Answered Victorian M. Italian Comments: 1 Reply 5 years ago by Michel I.
2 votes

Geogebra doesn't start on Ubuntu 18.04

Answered Indrjo D. Italian Comments: 4 Reply 4 years ago by Peter B.
2 votes

Can't access to internal mounted disk drives on Ubuntu

Answered Madbyte Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by Madbyte
1 vote

Bugs in geogebra-classic 6.0.471.0-201805301433

New Gretel8 English Comments: 1 Reply 4 years ago by Gretel8
1 vote

Problem with package signing in Debian

In Progress Mauro F. Comments: 7 Reply 1 year ago by Manuel L.
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Problemas con las vistas 3d en ubuntu

New mper23 4 years ago Spanish No Comments
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