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Non-adjacent columns and rows in spreadsheet

Needs Answer Broderelg Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by themadmathematician
3 votes

Angle records to form unit from "degree" to "radian".

Needs Answer 王贵军 English Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by Simona R.
2 votes

Spreadsheet copy definition / paste values?

Not a Problem gorbylines English Comments: 5 Reply 4 years ago by Larry O.
2 votes

sub menu of context menu in table not reachable

Solved Birgit L. English Comments: 4 Reply 3 years ago by Michael B.
2 votes

GG6 Classic Spreadsheet - copy & paste Bug?

New Hellsla 2 years ago Finnish No Comments
2 votes
2 votes

Trying to get Spreadsheet to Calculate ANYTHING

Needs Answer Mr. M. 1 year ago English No Comments
2 votes

Tabelle mit iPad

In Progress Hans-Jürgen E. German Comments: 3 Reply 1 year ago by Hans-Jürgen E.
2 votes
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