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I can't save or download/export my file.

Needs Answer Emir Z. English Comments: 3 Reply 1 year ago by thispawn
6 votes

Geogebra speichert Dateiinhalte nicht extern

New Ying Y. German Comments: 1 Reply 4 years ago by abakus
5 votes

Not saving or being able to sign in

Needs Answer jackson English Comments: 5 Reply 1 year ago by Victoria P.
4 votes


Answered cristina English Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by rami
3 votes

Change radians to degrees in Cas

Needs Answer dibb English Comments: 2 Reply 4 years ago by Simona R.
2 votes

Error de inicio de aplicacion

Answered Mario C. Spanish Comments: 9 Reply 3 years ago by Mario C.
2 votes

Trying to get Spreadsheet to Calculate ANYTHING

Needs Answer Mr. M. 3 years ago English No Comments
2 votes

Line Segment tool missing

Not a Problem lockman21 English Comments: 1 Reply 1 year ago by ccambre
2 votes
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