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3 votes

Adding brackets in geogebra.

Answered amarbapic16 English Comments: 3 Reply 6 months ago by mrcoffie
2 votes

Hatchline Styles for Polygons

Completed julesmanson English Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by julesmanson
2 votes

Find a point that lies on a given line

Needs Answer Nikol D. English Comments: 1 Reply 4 months ago by Michael B.
2 votes

Steht der HTML-Export nicht mehr zur Verfügung?

Answered Rolfo German Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by Rolfo
2 votes

GeoGebra Geometry activity fails to open

Answered SaamanKhalilollahi English Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by Michael B.
1 vote

Geogebra Geometry App on iPad crashes reliably

Answered Leah B. English Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Barna K.
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