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File not found error

In Progress Tracy G. English Comments: 12 Reply 5 years ago by Kari O.
5 votes
5 votes

Unchecking zoom-option when embedding to web page not working

In Progress MalinC English Comments: 15 Reply 6 years ago by MalinC
3 votes

Refresh button in applet does not always work

Solved hfinn English Comments: 6 Reply 3 years ago by Ian L.
2 votes

GeoGebraTube : Applet number code change when editing

Solved jumera English Comments: 2 Reply 6 years ago by jumera
1 vote

How to embed GeoGebra in MediaWiki?

Answered sanjyutu English Comments: 5 Reply 6 years ago by sanjyutu
1 vote

fast in my computer, slow online

Answered henrip English Comments: 6 Reply 1 year ago by henrip
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