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How to set the axis steps from a script?

Answered s_o English Comments: 4 Reply 5 years ago by Michael B.
2 votes

Can you use reversed axes, for economic use?

Answered Tom L. English Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by Zbynek
2 votes

Is there a way to display certain numbers on axes

Answered Dom English Comments: 1 Reply 1 year ago by mathmagic
2 votes

Something like ggbApplet.setAxisTickExpression?

Answered s_o English Comments: 6 Reply 4 years ago by Zbynek
1 vote

Alignment of Negative Numbers on x-axis

Answered DashingDave English Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by ccambre
1 vote

Zoom by axis feature

Completed Gustavo English Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by Gustavo
1 vote
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