Moderation of posts + Submitting bugs + Installation FAQ

Simona Riva shared this announcement 1 year ago

Dear GeoGebra Community,

the first post or comment of a new user needs to be approved by a Moderator or Administrator.

We do our best to be online as much as possible and shorten the waiting times for approval :)

So please be patient and don't keep posting the same message more than once or cross post in different sections of the Forum, if you don't see your message displayed immediately!

The best way to submit a request to check for a bug, is adding some basic informations, such as:

  • your OS, the GeoGebra app you are using and its version
  • a sample file to help developers reproduce the issue 
  • a screenshot of error messages - what went wrong, etc.

Please see here for help with installation problems:

Thanks a lot, and have fun with GeoGebra!

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