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Why is there a white space to the right of the graphics?

Needs Answer Eduardo T. English Comments: 1 Reply 49 minutes ago by Michael B.
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Mandelbrot on GeoGebra

Answered Niek S. English Comments: 6 Reply 2 hours ago by Niek S.
2 votes

Zählfunktion mit wenn-Bedingung einer Schaltfläche

Answered Stefan German Comments: 2 Reply 5 hours ago by Stefan
1 vote

Geogebra PDF manual

Answered tpgettys English Comments: 27 Reply 6 hours ago by jumera
3 votes


Needs Answer denis 7 hours ago French No Comments
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No me deja abrir archivos ya hechos

Answered samuel Spanish Comments: 4 Reply 13 hours ago by Simona R.
2 votes

Intersection of multivariate graphs

Answered Sanelma English Comments: 7 Reply 20 hours ago by tphanyamada
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