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Evaluating A Function For Negative Numbers VS Positive Numbers

Needs Answer bwpbruce English Comments: 2 Reply 17 minutes ago by mire2
2 votes

How to find the equation of a irregular line

Answered Camilla English Comments: 2 Reply 1 hour ago by mire2
1 vote

Toolbar gigantic ggb5 (win)

Answered hawe English Comments: 4 Reply 1 hour ago by Michael B.
1 vote

HSL-Farben funktionieren nicht in Classic 6

Not a Problem Stefan B. German Comments: 2 Reply 2 hours ago by Alicia H.
2 votes

3d Grafikansicht drehen

Answered gezrei German Comments: 3 Reply 3 hours ago by hawe
1 vote

Geogebra 6 Windows 10 file association not working

Solved gwhiffen English Comments: 17 Reply 5 hours ago by zoltan
10 votes

Some items are English, not translated

Solved leeying Comments: 12 Reply 6 hours ago by leeying
1 vote

Spur 3d-Grafik transparent

Answered gezrei German Comments: 2 Reply 6 hours ago by gezrei
1 vote

De GeoGebra a Illustrator

Needs Answer Antonio B. Spanish Comments: 1 Reply 7 hours ago by Michael B.
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